What happened to the ensemble? What are we doing now?

Beyond Prophetic Music

What happened to the ensemble? What are we doing now?

The Spirit works in different ways in different seasons. In the last year, several members of our prophetic music ensemble have stretched out into musical projects of their own.

As a result, the ensemble sessions have been put on hold, though we still collaborate on various projects.

These prophetic artists are worth checking out. They are a few examples of the creative and productive spark that prophetic music can generate. There are other projects in the works which we will post here as they are released.

Root Signals

Rohn Price, leader of the prophetic music sessions, is joined by prophetic ensemble members Josh Shaftel and Alanna Price in forming Root Signals.

Root Signals is a direct outgrowth of the prophetic music sessions. Original compositions are produced from extemporaneous improvisations, taking the sounds, styles, and creativity experienced during the prophetic sessions to a new level.

T'filah l'Moshe [Prayer of Moses] is Root Signals' first recording project, a collection of songs and interpretations from Psalm 90, spanning styles, instruments, and languages from around the world.

Remnant Eleven

Remnant Eleven was formed by prophetic music regulars Jon Salkind, Alanna Price, and Juan Arguetta plus Christopher Holden and Jason Rich. Alanna since left the group (she's now with Root Signals). The group has added drummer Sam Shooster.

Remnant Eleven describes their sound as "Messianic Fusion". The band was a huge hit at Messiah 2007 (National conference of the MJAA). They have released their first CD, and are kept busy playing gigs in the Philadelphia area.

"Then David and the generals of the army separated for the service of the sons of Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun, who prophesied with harps, with lyres, and with cymbals." (Divrei Hayamim I 25:1 / Chronicles I 25:1)

Check out:

Root Signals - Rohn Price continues to explore prophetic music with Josh Shaftel and Alanna Price

Remnant Eleven - "Messianic Fusion" band intially formed by three of our prophetic music regulars.