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Prophetic Music Overview - An Improvisational Ensemble Approach

At Congregation Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia, the prophetic sound and sense comes from an improvisational ensemble. The Temple model used ensembles of 12 musicians and singers1. Our ensembles vary in size.

Ensemble improvisation is not always easy, but we follow some guidelines that seem to help make it work for us.

Listen to the Holy Spirit: This ministry is primarily a prophetic ministry, and secondarily a musical ministry. Keep the priority clear. Try not to get carried away, or locked into, a style or sound. Listen for fresh revelation and fresh sounds. Expect the unexpected.

Listen to each other: Unity is far more important than agenda. It is in the corporate prophetic voice the that power is released. Musical skill or amazing revelation is secondary. The prophetic music ministry in the Temple included the "small as the great, the teacher as the scholar."2

Stay Focused on the Prophetic: Praise, thanksgiving, worship, and prayer are more familiar to must of us. Prophecy is more difficult, but prophetic music is about naba3 (prophecy) . Stay focused on the prophetic proclamation.

Be Bold: It makes little sense to be shy about proclaiming G-d's will under the inspiration of the Spirit. Be bold (with humility). Experiment. Take chances. Foster a trusting, creative, non-judgmental atmosphere where you and others can make mistakes.

Defer: "But if anything is revealed to another who sits by, let the first keep silent. For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged."4 When the Spirit begins moving strongly, the prophetic anointing will fall on many. After briefly making your bold statement, allow space for other voices.

Follow the anointing: Accompany the anointed lead instrument or voice with your own. Provide musical support. If you do not sense the anointing, then stop and expectantly wait. Musical skill does not equal anointing. Learn the difference.


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"Then David and the generals of the army separated for the service of the sons of Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun, who prophesied with harps, with lyres, and with cymbals." (Divrei Hayamim I 25:1 / Chronicles I 25:1)

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